Acupuncture?! But I’m Afraid of Needles!

Acupuncture treatment is not something new – neither is the fear of needles! However, even though people have been hearing about it for some decades they still are afraid to undergo this natural procedure since they have the fear of the unknown. In fact, what scares them away are the misconceptions concerning acupuncture built this should not be the case. Let us put into light some of these myths.

Acupuncture is painful

fear of acupuncture needlesThe pain factor is always there as far as treatment is concerned and many people especially children are afraid to visit the dental office, the local hospital and now they can’t imagine going to the acupuncturist. Indeed, the act of having their skin pierced with needles, logically, translates to pain and being hurt. However, this is not correct! The fact is that, yes needles are used, but they don’t hurt.

One may feel a slight sensation from the first prick, likened to a mosquito bite, or they may feel nothing at all. These acupuncture needles are solid and very slender more or less the size of the cats whisker. Once they are inserted your body’s circulation reacts to them, and that is what you feel! The reaction feels like a gentle electrical sensation or pulsing in one’s body as healing starts.

Acupuncture is a folk medicine that doesn’t work

Well, this claim has been there since then, and there are some people who still believe in it! However, acupuncture has gone very far into the western medicine and science. The military in the United States utilizes it. WHO (world health organization) and NIH (national health institute) do recognize it as a reliable treatment for a broad range of conditions. Its growth has been associated with deeper scientific research concerning its effectiveness as an alternative to medicine.

It’s simply used in pain management

Yes! It’s true that acupuncture is one of the most efficient methods of managing pain, but it’s not limited to just that. It helps relieve such pains as joint pain, back pain, knee pain, menstrual cramps, stomach, and headache. Besides, it is very useful in the treatment of such conditions as allergies, morning sickness, infertility and depression to mention just but a few. Furthermore, it is utilized for wellness and preventive care with its advantages of helping people maintain a strong homeostasis and immune system. Trust me – it’s NOT just used for pain prevention. I’ve been going to an clinic in Miami for many years now and I always walk out feeling refreshed in both the body and mind. Here is my clinic’s website: home page – Acupuncture Miami.

Acupuncture is costly and unaffordable

cost of treatmentThe issue about cost discourages many people from accessing otherwise beneficial procedures such as acupuncture. However, the procedure is less expensive and insurance firms, currently, offer health insurance plans where acupuncture is included among other related services. One, also, may use their flexible spending account from HAS to take care of their acupuncture bills.

Having looked at the common myths and misconceptions that rotate around acupuncture, you realize that it is an affordable and accessible alternative for anybody looking for complementary or alternative treatment in preventive care and health. At least by now you have some of the facts with you.

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